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Slow Smoked Eats
Smoked Brisket Sandwich $16.00
This badass sandwich comes loaded with brisket that has been smoked at 225 degrees for over 12 hours.  The smokey goodness is topped with homemade Yippie Kah Yah KC Style BBQ sauce.  A whole lotta love went into this bad boy.
Pulled Pork Sandwich $14.00
Perfectly pulled pork.  When the pork falls apart you know it has been smoked right.  Dive into this generous portion of pulled pork.  First, it’s smoked for 12 hours and just before we serve it, we smother it in homemade Yippie Kah Yah KC Style BBQ sauceand serve it up with pride.  It is perfect.
The Smokesman’s Wife Special $15.00
I want it all!  Yep this is the ultimate sampler of brisket and pulled pork.  Of course, it is loaded with smokey eats and topped with the amazing homemade Yippie Kah Yah KC Style BBQ sauce.
Wicked Smoked Baked Beans $4.00

These beans do not heat in a pan, they prefer to be smoked with their buddies, the badass brisket and the perfectly pulled pork at 225 degrees.  Infused with peppers, onion, garlic and brown sugar.  These Wicked Smoked Beans are as good as they get.

Pasta salad $4.00

Tangy But Not Sweet Coleslaw $4.00
Yep, the name pretty much says it all.  It is a bit tangy and intentionally not sweet.  We use only the freshest ingredients to honor this long-time family recipe.  It is a favorite with my friends and family, we’re sure you will feel the same way!
Drinks $2.00
Water • Coke • Diet Coke • 7 up

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